Welcome Owners and Buyers to the Winter Sports Market 2020!

We are excited to host Winter Sports Market 2020 and are pleased to bring you the best available profit opportunities for your business. Just as important is the opportunity to network with other SSL owners and buyers who represent some of the best winter sports shops in the U.S.

Key meetings to make your Market experience GREAT:

  • The first official function is Sunday January 26 at 8:30am with the Opening Meeting. This meeting is in room 201/203 in the Convention Center. The Opening Meeting will be short & sweet introducing new members and setting the tone for the week to come before splitting into Hardgoods and Softgoods individual discussions.
  • Hardgoods will MOVE back to the 100 Meeting Rooms right around the corner from the 200 Meeting Rooms
  • There will be 3 Softgoods Instant Messages beginning Sunday morning, then Monday and Tuesday also. This is a great way for you to hear the brands key differentiators and reasons why you might consider seeing their collections for your store.
  • Sunday at 6:00pm will be the Annual SSL “Cocktails & Connecting” Party. Reconnect with your SSL peers while connecting with new suppliers who are bringing innovative stories and products to help you maintain being “THE” specialty store in your market.
  • Tuesday January 28 is a final day at the Market with an early close at 1:00pm. We ask that everyone convene in room 201 for lunch including a presentation of the 2019/20 SSL Suppliers of the Year. Horizon Insurance will have a brief presentation on an emerging data threat to medium and small businesses that data hackers are targeting. SSL University will wrap up will be a presentation on how to maximize your social media reach using brands assets by our new marketing partner, MtO.
  • HOTBUY! will see a continued evolution after successfully convincing the vendors to extend the order due dates in 2019. That change allowed buyers to increase their HotBuy! commitments over 200%. So what’s new this year? You will be able to start shopping and ORDERING HotBuy! starting next month. As suppliers finalize their offers, you will be able to log into the new OrderWrite! Software, view items, pricing etc.

We ask everyone, owners and buyers, to be respectful of the fact that these suppliers have made a substantial commitment to be here to present to you. As a professional organization of retailers, it is your responsibility to see everyone – whether you plan to buy from them or not. This is your best opportunity and most cost-effective means to explore fresh, new and innovative merchandise. Please make a commitment to the suppliers who are making a commitment to you.

Enclosed is everything you should need to navigate the show. Your SSL Management and Merchandising Team is on hand to help you with any questions, comments or concerns. We hope you have a great market…. please let us know how we can help make it your best WSM ever!

SSL Team