An Early Foundation for a Fun Lifetime Hobby from Williams All Seasons

A lifetime love of skiing often begins at a young age. A good foundation of fundamental skills is imperative for safety as well as building up a level of expertise. Our Vice Chairman, Mark Williams, of Williams All Seasons in Highland Park, Illinois, not only recognizes this, but helps it become a reality for many children in the Chicago area.

During the winter months, Williams All Seasons hosts weekly ski and snowboard trips to local resorts for members of their Snowflake Club, children ranging in ages 8 through 16. This past season alone, the Snowflake Club made 24 trips to sites such as Alpine Valley, Wilmot Mountain, Cascade, Devils Head and Chestnut resorts. Included in the trip fees are lessons which are strongly encouraged for all members and required for beginners until they are able to successfully demonstrate their ability to ski safely and under control. Upon the completion of each level, patches are awarded to show the child’s ability and progression from beginner to advanced skills. This special ski school is certified by the Professional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA) and uses its teaching models for Snowflake Club members.

A family-run business since 1872 and part of the ski and snowboard business since 1963, Williams All Seasons has a wide array of outdoor enjoyment goods to offer. The all-season store touts the largest display of patio furniture in the Chicago area and is also the recipient of many specialty patio and ski store awards. New to Williams All Seasons for 2011 is its high end infrared hot waxing machine for top quality service and racing, the latest race proven waxing technology.

Next time you’re in the Chicago area, stop by Williams All Seasons to visit Mark and see a shop that has been in business for almost 140 years. Be sure to check out and stop by their Facebook page to stay in the know about next season’s adventures!