Cole Sport- Expect the Unexpected!

Cole Sport, Park City, Utah

Upon their completion of graduate school in 1972, Gary and Jana Cole made the decision to move from their home in Seattle, Washington to Park City, Utah for one winter of skiing. That one winter soon turned into one decade and in 1982, Gary and Jana opened the doors to the first Cole Sport shop. By 1996, Cole Sport had expanded to four stores in both the Park City and Deer Valley areas.

At the time Cole Sport was founded, no high profile, fashion-forward ski shops could be found in the Park City area. This void, mixed with the Coles’ love of mountain living and outdoor lifestyle provided the strong foundation on which Cole Sport still stands today. Family owned and operated, Gary, Jana and their two sons are all actively involved with Cole Sport and house a core management team that averages over 15 years with the company and shares the same enthusiasm, vision and values that make Cole Sport so unique.

These days, Cole Sport is considered a fixture in the Park City area due to its initial vision, strong community involvement and commitment to eco-friendly practices. Everyone at Cole Sport has a great respect and love for Utah’s natural mountain beauty and support renewable energy. The wind power system that Cole Sport utilizes offsets more than 344 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere- which is the same as planting more than 11 acres of trees each month!

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